Whether you are heading to the beach, going on a camping trip or flying to an overseas destination we aim to have a range of products suitable for your needs.

Each of our products are designed by amazing Local Indigenous Artists.

Join us on our journey and see where the path takes us!

Quick Dry, Lightweight & Compact

You will be glad to know that a lot of thought has gone into a Liyan Travel Towel. Aside from being quick drying and large enough in size to wrap around you, they fold down to such a compact size, making them ideal for travel and packing light. Whether you're heading to the beach or off on an adventure, our towels are made with you in mind.

Experience the joy of traveling without bulky towels. Enjoy the extra space in your cupboards, your caravan and also your travel bags.

Eco Friendly

Liyan expresses our love for the environment by using a new environmentally friendly Microfibre Suede fabric. Each one of our travel towels is made from 20 plastic bottles.

You can be satisfied knowing that with every purchase your helping to make the world a cleaner greener place.